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The KOTF TeleRadio Network, Inc. - Cooperative Economics Opportunity

Peace & MoPower!

Antoinette and I would like to share an opportunity with you that we think will change the way we view ourselves. Literally. KOTF TeleRadio Network, Inc. is an original programming radio/television/film network using internet protocol for delivery, cooperative economics for sales leads and some content acquisition, and social media to spark conversation about media, products and services, and current events all in a cool environment called MoPower Social. Think BounceTV married to Spotify, Hulu, and Prime. Development consists of a standard that comes from the goals of its founders. The network is family orientated providing entertainment, educational, and inspirational content through original and acquired programming. This network focuses on content ranging from news, entertainment news, sports shows, reality shows, talk shows, music/ variety shows, short films, documentaries, feature films, commercials and public service announcement content. Production will be handled by Stillwaters Media Lab and qualified professionals working together to produce projects that they have developed for network broadcast. In addition, we will scout and enable the viewing of content from other professional producers.

Our Vision Media is a fact of life that we deal with on a daily basis. It's here and it's here to stay. Media wields the power to unify as well as destroy our community. We see a world where at the same time media unifies the community it helps in bringing about social change and transformation. A world where parents are safe in the idea of allowing children to consume media without molestation, a world where adults can get a balanced media experience, where advertisers and consumers exchange goods and services and do so knowing that those exchanges will help in the reclamation of the representations of the Melanated experience.

Our mission at KOTF TeleRadio Network, Inc. is two-fold. 1 - to help families establish family businesses to become financially free and go on to establish generational wealth, and 2 - to become the premier media hub for content providers, advertisers and consumers to exchange goods and services as a means of advancing the identifiable, candid, and progressive portrayal of the Melanated experience via the mediums of a social network, internet radio, and internet television. If it's digital, we're on it:

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Any device that can open an HTML5 web browser

Just think. A network that was founded by Melanated people that is truly FOR Melanated people, and that Melanated network has a plan in place that shares 60% of its profits with the people it calls "Investors." Yes. It's a multilevel marketing opportunity. That is to give you a frame of reference. It's in that FAMILY. However, we are what is called a COOPERATIVE ECONOMICS OPPORTUNITY. Let's explore...

An emerging broadcast and social media network named KOTF TeleRadio Network, Inc. which has launched to function as the premier publishing point platform for Melanated media professionals, Melanated businesses, and the audiences that love what we have to offer to enjoy the benefits of cooperative economics. Cooperative Economics is a group of families collectively being committed to and responsible for sharing the work necessary to achieve generational wealth in the same manner as a single family shares its household work. We have to create and build institutions of excellence and then retain ownership and control of them, and then strengthen them by properly managing the resources these institutions create and supporting these institutions with our own currencies. We ultimately have to be committed to and responsible for ending our poverty and vulnerability so that we too can live a decent, un-deprived and meaningful life. And then we must plug into the greater network of society and go above and beyond to continuously raise the bar of being a good friend and networking partner within the overall fabric of these networks. That means we absolutely must become industrious producers for our community first, and then work with all people and cultures for the good of our own community, others and the world. However, we must do so without losing our identity, forgetting our goals, and destroying our self-reliance in the process.

To those ends we have dedicated KOTF TeleRadio Network, Inc. to Melanated products and services, Melanated media, and the audiences that love what we have to offer. So the opportunity is our contribution to what Dr. Claud Anderson describes as the 5-story building of establishing an actual community (1st Floor: Economics; 2nd Floor: Politics; 3rd Floor: Police & Courts; 4th Floor: Communication, and 5th Floor: Education). Of the floors he names, Control of Our Own Media is where we are making our contribution which in turn affects all of the other Floors. This outlet tells the world about products and services such as Garner's Garden Antibacterial Mouthwash, Coral Oral tooth brushes, True Detergent, Koffee King International, Inc., The Uhuru Academy, and PAC Works.

The internet has opened the door to opportunity and information at levels unheard of until now. We have about 26.5 million potential users with $767 Billion spending power in the United States alone. 80% of Melanated people are online and 62% (and growing) of us have some sort of high speed connection at home and in our pocket. The dark side of this, which for us is a good thing, is that less than 10% of us know anything about the examples listed above. All Melanated owned and controlled. All superior in their fields. That means there is an opportunity afoot where the KOTF TeleRadio Network platform serves the FUNCTION of empowering our community to be collectively committed to and responsible for sharing the work necessary to achieve collective generational wealth to end our poverty and vulnerability so that we too can live a decent, un-deprived and meaningful life simply by supporting these Melanated people, institutions, and their products and services with our own currencies.

Now. European Americans, if what I am saying next does not apply to you, then I am not talking about you. If, however, this finds a weird place in your heart and make you feel some type of way, then yes, I am talking about you and I am unapologetic about it. I am not the one to make excuses for what you are doing to everyone who doesn't look like you.

For a long time now we have blindly followed/ accepted what racist "white" supremacists have given us. We bought into their version of everything, their ideal of what constitutes beauty, their concept of excellence. We have been locked into this behavior for so long that now we have no choice but to spend our Melanated currencies with them because we THINK our products and services aren't an option. We don't even LOOK for our own. Not only have we been systematically EXCLUDED from the mainstream means of establishing, maintaining, and passing on wealth to our posterity by racist "white" supremacists, we have systematically excluded ourselves because of what we think about our own institutions. Think about this: We have been systematically excluded because Melanated-owned businesses in the United States increased 34.5% between 2007 and 2012 totaling 2.6 million Melanated firms (that was then, we are well over the 3 million businesses mark today but that is unofficial, pending the results of the 2020 Census...); more than 95% of these businesses are mostly sole proprietorships or partnerships which have no paid employees; about 4 in 10 Melanated-owned businesses (1.1 Million) in 2012 operated in the health care, social assistance, and other services such as repair, maintenance, personal and laundry services sectors. We have experienced little to no growth per business, though. And think about this: The Melanated community represents a consumer-base of 99.65%. That means we only produce .35% of the national GDP and consume 99.65% of what everybody else produces towards the national GDP. The portion of that money that goes to Melanated-owned businesses ($187.6 Billion) can only be viewed in the following manner: 95% of Melanated-owned businesses are sole proprietorships which actually means approximately 2,470,000 Melanated people started businesses to create a job for their own self for whatever reason. The average pay for these JOBS is $75,951.42/ yr. Now, when we take into consideration that the vast majority of our money (99.65%) leaves our community in less than 15 minutes, and that even on the so-called Melanated networks like BounceTV, RadioONE, TVONE, Aspire, OWN, and Revolt you see little to no ads by these 2.6 million Melanated businesses on Melanated channels/ networks that Melanated people DO watch and listen to, you have to admit that we are in trouble if we don't do something about our deviant behavior now. Make no mistake about it, this is no conspiracy theory, the numbers and analyses are everywhere you could ever think to look - we are being taken advantage of. These numbers... I couldn't make it up if I tried and I am a pretty good writer/ storyteller.

So that is the dark side. Let's look at solving the problem. Here is why it all works.

Melanated people, Melanated couples, and Melanated families are some of the largest consumers of entertainment and technology. 80% of Melanated people is online and 62% (and growing) of us have some sort of high speed connection at home and in our pocket. The market is saturated with Smart devices and SmartTVs, and the number of cord-cutters is growing. Cable TV is trying to figure out how to get in the IPTV arena while saving their dwindling cable subscription profit margins. Those two will not sleep in the same bed if you shot them both lying next to each other in the same bed. Melanated people watch some of everything but when the Melanated media is good we watch that first. Now take into consideration that the Japanese have made a car stereo that runs on the Android operating system allowing us to install on these stereos all the apps we install on our Smartphones and tablets, plus specialized automotive apps. Most of us listen to broadcast radio in our vehicles during commutes. These stereos just kicked open the door for internet radio. And do keep in mind that we are indeed a true network in that if you wanted a radio and TV station, we have the infrastructure to provide it for you. You don't need YouTube or BlogTalkRadio... Welcome to MoPower!

So, with all of the digital options available for KOTF TeleRadio Network, Inc. to broadcast to, and we ARE on everything including Roku, the infrastructure is in place. Just find the feeds here at in the Ecosystem menu and look at/ hear how clean and clear that live signal is. And it IS live. Yes, those are pre-recorded media you hear and see, but we are serving it to you live. So, we have the ability to deliver and our system is robust.

The reason why we're the right company at the right time is, no one is willing to share with everybody at the level we are sharing. Plus, with the political climate of the country at present, wherein prejudice "white-folk" are coming out of the woodwork and identifying themselves because of Donald Trump's presence in the Whitehouse, the Melanated community has begun to rally around Melanated media, Melanated products and services, and most importantly around our beautiful Melanated selves. And then throw into the situation the Byron Allen vs. Comcast & Charter Supreme Court case where things are really getting interesting in the United States of America, the environment is just short of ripe - exactly where opportunities are bred and born. KOTF TeleRadio Network, Inc. was founded in 1994 then named Inside Job Recordings, Publishing & Distribution Company by Larry Smiley, today know as Siyf MoPower Smiley El and is owned and ran by him with the help of his wife, Antoinette Smiley El. In 2009 the company formed an internet radio presence and in 2015 and 2016 expanded into internet TV and social media, respectively, and morphed into a 24/7/365 live broadcast and on-demand platform for radio, television, and film. As you can see from the numbers in this article this is truly a high growth potential opportunity in that we are the only game in town at this level at present. In addition to that, our Founder designed the company to be a true generational wealth opportunity for everyone involved due to the fact that we are helping families achieve financial freedom (more on that coming up) with a proven platform (you're looking at it right now) based on technology that we already use every single day.

We simply want to help us, as a community first and then anyone else after securing our group, establish financial dignity and independence by giving us a choice. We are doing that by opening up our radio/TV/film broadcast platform resource for all of us to benefit from. Face it. We all make recommendations but never get paid from it. With KOTF TeleRadio Network, we get paid from these recommendations and we're talking about from the sales of everything from the products and services generated by Melanated businesses all the way back to the commercials they get produced and the ad slots on the KOTF TeleRadio Network stations these commercials are broadcast on. And to add even more opportunity to the list, now there is the brand new MoPower social media platform that launched the second week of January 2018. Facebook is valued at over $400 Billion based on revenue of more than $10 Billion as reported in their 2018 third-quarter report. The way this works is, we have been having very engaging conversations on that platform. For example, the young Brother that shot that older Brother on a city of Chicago sidewalk live on that platform went viral. That platform didn't take the video down until they had gotten as much ad money out of it as they could without seeming too callous. When you get a viral anything there are tens of thousands of dollars being made every minute it is available because there are hundreds of thousands of people watching. Because there are all those eyeballs on the screen at the same time, BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Those eyeballs get inundated with top-tier advertisements. Those ads depict products and services from companies that are taking us for granted. These companies know that we do not have a choice so they do not have to convince us to spend with them. That's why the ads usually do not have us in them; they are running their ads trying to convince everybody else to spend with them who clearly have choices. When it comes to cars and homes and the such, then you find us in the ads because we have choices but all or most of these choices are all owned and controlled everybody else. Huge amounts of money is made with these situations. Again, we have been systematically excluded because Melanated-owned businesses in the United States increased 34.5% between 2007 and 2012 totaling 2.6 million Melanated firms. More than 95% of these businesses are mostly sole proprietorships or partnerships which have no paid employees. About 4 in 10 Melanated-owned businesses (1.1 Million) in 2012 operated in the health care, social assistance, and other services such as repair, maintenance, personal and laundry services sectors. We have experienced little to no growth per business, though. With 95% of these businesses being Sole Proprietorships with few to no employees, this tells us several things. It says we are not spending that almost $2Trillion with each other and believe it or not too many of the people from other groups who do spend with our firms do so grudgingly, that because of that our businesses have low visibility in the media, and that we do not understand business sufficiently enough to do like the rich do - which is stay the hell away from being sole proprietors where there are no tax shelters or liability limits. Systematic lock-out comes from the fact that we send our children into the public school system where slaves are made of us in that we are taught to go to school and get good grades so we can get a good job with good benefits. We end up on one plantation trading dollars with terrible benefits masquerading as good benefits for our time. Or we end up on the other plantations that were flipped over to prisons when slavery was made legal by way of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. It doesn't have to be this way when The Uhuru Academy and PAC Works exists, two examples of accredited institutions of advanced and higher learning founded, ran, and controlled by Melanated people. THAT'S why we need to have our conversations on OUR platforms. To get it all started, we launched our initial campaign called The First 48. This campaign is organized to put the first pair of boots on the grounds of 48 metropolitan areas/ cities across the United States where Melanated people are concentrated. Leading this campaign by being the first person to come aboard is our Brother and Friend, Baba Amin Imamu Ojuok of The Uhuru Academy in Fort Worth, Texas. This loving and giving soul is one of those people that sets the standard for what everyone should hope a friend is like. And then there's our Brother Moor, Nelson-El in St. Louis, Missouri. And Nolan Wallace in Los Angeles. There are others and that is because Melanated Love is MoPower.

So, here's what we do. It's two simple things:

1. We establish our own family business to advance our community in financial dignity and independence, and...

2. Help others do the same.

So, here's how it works; here's where we begin establishing financial dignity and independence as a community: We work a system of Five-Two-Six.

When you register an account with KOTF TeleRadio Network that's the first "INVESTOR" Point towards your Five Investor Points. You will soon see why we call you an Investor as opposed to a consultant, etc.

Next, you must establish and become able to articulate your WHY. That's your second Investor Point.

After that, you'll need to establish a basic but complete business plan based on your Why and as you will see, we provide you with the resources you'll need to write your plan which are available in your FireZone Back Office. That's your third Investor Point.

Next, you will go file for an Assumed Name Certificate with the County Clerk or Secretary of State in your county or state. That is your fourth Investor Point.

Finally, you will establish a business phone number, a website, a PO Box address, and any other communications systems, which we will show you how to do for little to no money. Your potential clients need to be able to communicate with you - the BUSINESS you. That is your fifth Investor Point.

We call you Investor because we are showing you how to establish a family business so you can INVEST IN YOURSELF AND THE Melanated COMMUNITY (I know. I know. I can hear you through the screen now: "But I already know how to set up a business in my city and state..." But do you know why it's better to use one entity legal structure as opposed to another as related to your industry? Or how to legally avoid taxes? Right... Keep reading.) You are a Certified Investor at this point.

To get your Two Personally Sponsored Family Investors, you need to go out and find two households who want to start family businesses and show them what you did.

To build your Team of Six Family Investors, you become a team coach at this point by helping your Two Personally Sponsored Family Investors go out and find two households who want to start family businesses and help them show the two new families what they did.

You now have promoted yourself to Certified Entrepreneur and you did it by earning your 5 Investor Points, personally sponsoring 2 families, and then by building a team of 6 family entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs build a team around an asset and inspire, educate, and manage their team to grow the asset.

Build six more teams using the 5-2-6 method to promote to Certified Enterprise. Enterprises build multiple teams around multiple assets and inspire, educate, and manage their teams to grow those assets.

Build as many more teams as you like at this level using the 5-2-6 method.

When enrolling in this opportunity, KOTF TeleRadio Network, Inc. becomes your first vendor and we have an ever-growing list of products and services for you to sell and earn commissions on with residuals five levels deep, as well as to qualify for That Fire! Profit Sharing monthly based on high-volume sales. Selling more should always reflect on a business's bottom line and it most certainly will with KOTF TeleRadio Network. KOTF TeleRadio Network, Inc. pays you each time a Client buys product month after month after month. Maximize your team to maximize the number of transactions you get paid on. And the more we do this with as many of us as is possible, the more and more we begin to circulate the wealth that passes through our hands every pay-period.

A quick note about going into business for yourself and family.

About one hundred years ago in this country most people were business owners, about 85% of the population. This gave rise to an emerging economy that later would lead and therefore influence the world. It wasn't until large businesses operating as corporations offering slave-wages and so-called good benefits that the American economy changed to one where the masses relied on a handful of people for their livelihood. Without that buffer of small businesses operating in this country the large businesses could not exist. That was then, and according to any economist talking about it today, that is the case still today. For the economy in this country to advance more and more, the economy has to convert to more and more small businesses once more, and here we are sitting on upwards of $2 Trillion, too much to offer to address here, and then in an environment that has literally forced our hand to get back to loving our beautiful Melanated selves. Now is the perfect time. If you expect to be paid what you are worth in a free market on an international level, you first need to establish yourself in the national economy. At the national level we are in a tank of sharks and these sharks are always hungry for guppy-meat. When we consider that we are indeed international trend-setters, we cannot ignore what is directly in our face. In a cooperative economy there are less competitive distractions because one of the base ideals is that there is enough for everyone therefore we don't have to fight over any of it and that success is more plentiful for everyone if we simply cooperate or help one another be successful. It's an ideal that supports the notion that I am you and you is we and we is me - we are indeed one. However, let's Keep It 100 (like my beautiful wife loves to say)... There are some among us that have not gained control of that inner-cracca (that beast or our lower nature within that we all should be learning to control; that beast that is our little jealous brother dead set on putting us in a coffin and burying us in a rubbish heap at the bottom of the Nile with the hope that no woman alive will be able to find us, re-member us, and then revive/ resuscitate us) and so they will try like hell to bring that nonsense in with them when they enter. We have to be vigilant in keeping that element out. Without those kinds of distractions from within, we can deal with anything anyone throws at us from the outside because we're unified, focused, and determined. That doesn't mean we're all drinking that firewater and smokin' on a peace pipe together singing Let-Freedom-Ring spirituals, because let's face the facts - we have never agreed 100% on everything. That's why we had different settlements etc. in ancient times. All in all, we did succeed in co-existing when we disagreed. That's what this is about. It would be grand if we could all agree, and that's a good thing to aspire to, but that's not where we are right now so let's deal with where we are and where we can go from here with what we have available so we can stop talking about it and start being about it. So, start a family business today and mind your business. Not only will you not regret it, but you'll feel different with better confidence, and your forthcoming generations will appreciate it in some way as they benefit from and/or take it over to push it forward their way.

Like anything else, your results will be based on your individual efforts.

So, what is your financial dream? Additional income, eliminate debt, college tuition fund for your children, to supplement your pension plan, spend more time with your family, travel abroad and just have some fun?

Well get to it! Join the KOTF TeleRadio Network, Inc. - Cooperative Economics Opportunity today and begin the process of establishing your family estate and building generational wealth. Let us show you how and when to fire your boss and then empower those around you to do the same. Let's take control of our own economic power and financial future. We have everything and nothing to lose...

Peace & MoPower!

The Smiley El Family